Morning COmmunity

Morning Community is our Sunday morning coffee ministry which happens from 9:00AM-10:30AM during September-May and 9:30AM-10:00AM during June-August. Often closing over holidays or long weekends. It is meant to compliment our Sunday School ministries, being a place where parents can grab a cup of coffee or tea, occasionally a snack, on their way to Sunday School. It can also be a place to catch up with others over a hot drink and build/deepen relationships. This year Morning Community will also be a place that spotlights different ministries that may need our support and will give space to pray for those ministries and/or support them financially. Spotlighted Ministries will change monthly.

Ministry Spotlight

This month we will be spotlighting Cecily and Erman Korapan ministry to Turkey. Previously Cecily and Erman have done a fundraiser for relief efforts during Turkey's recent earthquake and both images of the earthquake and images of the temporary homes that were support at Avalon are included below. The part of their ministry that is being spotlighted for the month of June is the "Kamp" ministry they are returning to put on this summer. Their Kamp ministry is a lot like our Bible Camps here and it is a place where young people and families can come have a fresh experience of Jesus and get connected to like minded Christians when they leave. If you want more information, receive updates or support them, please check out the Korapan's blog.